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Stage case study HOK-Plastic
Dynamic work processes at HOK-Plastic in Hungary.

Driverless and automatic: Maximum efficiency with lithium-ion power.

For the perfect organization of around 600 floor, single and block storage positions, HOK-Plastic, a renowned manufacturer of packaging materials, relies on driverless pedestrian stackers and vertical order pickers in combination with automatic charging stations and logistics interface.


  •  Implementation of efficient pallet transportion with driverless transport systems.
  • Economical interlocking of automated and manual processes in the warehouse.
  • Installation of automatic charging stations for optimal energy supply at any time.
  • Start-up of Interface software for precisely fitting vehicle deployment.


  • Automated Guided Vehicles of type ERC 215a and EKS 215a with lithium-ion technology.
  • Flexible charging through the use of three automatic charging stations.
  • ERP-connection via logistics interface for reliable process handling.
  • Conveyor technology for the economical transport of different loading units.


  • High process reliability and optimized material flow thanks to logistics interface. 
  • Improved charging processes through automatic intermediate charging of the lithium-ion batteries.
  • Order generation and increased picking performance thanks to the customer-owned WMS.
  • Support of the employees through the use of driverless transport systems.

HOK-Plastic in a nutshell:
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