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Install Chargers

High frequency technology ensures safe and protective charging in various power classes – for all industry sectors and all battery types. More than 60 years of experience in manufacturing electric drives has benefitted the development of our on-board chargers.

On-board or integrated chargers by Energy and Drive Systems are perfectly suited for operations without battery changes or as pick-up device. Their handling is really simple: At night or in between shifts, the charger can be plugged into a regular 230 volts power outlet. Various power levels ensure numerous possibilities of application for any industry sector and battery type, while our high frequency technology allows for protective charging, thus prolonging the battery’s lifecycle.

Globally usable

Aiming at global usability, our on-board chargers are configured for numerous applications. Depending on the target market, we offer three voltages in single-phase operation: 230 volts for Europe and many other countries, 115 volts for North America.

Additionally, we have several dozen types of power adapters on offer for you. Via the vehicle’s internal network – the so-called CAN-Bus interface – the on-board chargers are well connected to the vehicle. During charging, the recharge status can be monitored on the vehicle’s display.

Safe thanks to start protection system and protection class IP54

Safety is enforced by the start protection system: While the on-board charger is plugged into the power socket, the vehicle does not start. This eliminates the risk of electrocution as well as damages to connector or power outlet through accidentally ripping out the plug.

To increase safety, our intergrated chargers are constructed according to the „International Protection Code 54“ IP54, meaning they are water and dust-proof. Power is transmitted via predefined Tyco plug-in interfaces. This prevents the loosening of nuts from threaded bolts.

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