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The perfectly choreographed warehouse

Automation with Jungheinrich

Automatic success with a perfectly choreographed warehouse.

In a digitalised world, with the pace growing faster and faster and the rhythm of goods movements changing with ever-increasing speed, a perfectly choreographed warehouse will be the factor that determines your success. You will only be able to respond flexibly and efficiently to challenges in your business if all areas work together in harmony, thus collectively ensuring everything flows smoothly. As your automation partner, we choreograph an individual solution for you and provide you with support at every stage as a primary contractor, from planning to service and support, through to a warehouse system that delivers wins now and in future with stage-ready performance.

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Everything that is necessary for a perfectly choreographed automation solution.

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Flexibility is the keyto a lasting performance.

This idea applies to dancers in an aspiring ensemble in the same way as individual components in a powerful and future-proof automation solution: both must have the maximum mobility to be able to accompany every tempo and change of rhythm flexibly and efficiently. That's why we put together manual, semi-automatic and fully automated components to suit your individual requirements, so perfectly that they can respond to every challenge in the flow of goods: during seasonal peaks, in response to fluctuations in demand or to cope with future growth. Right from the start, we design your system to be expandable and adaptable, so you can be flexible at all times within your business, use resources efficiently and benefit from lasting productivity.

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Absolute confidence in your partneris vital.

You should be able to trust your dance partner 100 %; the same goes for your automation partner, so you can be sure that you and your investments are in good hands. You can count on us right from the start, as both a partner and as a primary contractor. Not only do we back up our support with decades of experience in intralogistics, we also offer professional consulting and manufacturing services, all from a single source. With the right product ensemble, we direct an individually choreographed system for you, covering all process stages and interfaces from goods-in to goods-out. From the start of the project onwards, you have a personal contact on hand to coordinate all the business areas involved and ensure every stage of the process runs efficiently and is implemented perfectly. With end-to-end solution skills and technical expertise, we provide constructive and transparent assistance with every stage of your automation project: from analysing the flow of products through to service. With a close-knit customer service network that's unique in the industry and professional service and support for automatic systems, we are always close at hand and on the spot swiftly whenever you need us.

3 steps to a customised automation solution.

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Experienced directionmakes automation a success.

In professional dance, just like in the warehouse, the important thing is to keep performance at a consistently high level and improve it where possible. To ensure your individually choreographed automation solution can keep on performing, we combine engineering skills with economic efficiency right at the planning stage. As an experienced choreographer in the field of automation, we make the theoretical and actual values transparent and discover potential areas for improvement, while bringing together all the economic, spatial and other conditions to produce the perfect solution for you. We have already helped large numbers of customers in all kinds of industries around the world to celebrate the premiere of the harmonised automation solution they needed. Thus, we were able to help them achieve lasting efficiency improvements and further expand their competitive advantage.

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Celebrate successful premiereswith advanced technology.

Just like a dance ensemble, an advanced warehouse system must always be open to new developments. After all, what the public wants can change as quickly as the demands of your customers and consumers. We are investing heavily in R&D to enable you to also celebrate successful premieres thanks to a flexible and advanced automation solution. We are constantly expanding our portfolio to add powerful and interconnected enhancements to your warehouse with both new and improved technologies. That applies to new facilities as well as to the modernisation or expansion of existing facilities.

Our current automation ensemble ranges from Automated Guided Vehicle Systems and conveyor technology to automatic small parts warehouses and pallet warehouses through to the star of the ensemble, our forward-compatible Warehouse Management System, the Jungheinrich WMS. As the main contractor, we can supply and integrate everything you need for a perfectly choreographed automation solution from a single source.

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Jungheinrich as system supplier

Successful automation projects.

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Perfectly choreographed and orchestrated.

Digitalisation and connectivity with Jungheinrich.

As a leading system supplier for smart intralogistics solutions, we offer you not just perfectly choreographed automation from a single source, but everything you need to digitalise and connect your warehouse.  Our digital solutions ensure your processes are profitably connected, thus ensuring you remain both profitable and viable for the long term.

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