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Static small parts storage

Small parts and picked goods can be stored in different ways according to individual space requirements. Jungheinrich is ready for any application and can provide you with the appropriate small parts racking for any storage or order picking tasks.

Our modular racking systems for small to medium-sized quantities, offer optimum access to every item. They can be used universally in all industries, both for small parts and for bulky goods with and without load carriers.

Small parts racking with shelves

Storage is on shelves made from steel plate or wood over several levels. The small parts racking is available in slot-together or bolted design and is suitable for manual as well as automated operation. In the form of high-bay racking systems with a height of more than twelve metres, they can be operated by hand or using rack operating equipment as well as with order pickers, narrow aisle trucks and high rack stackers.

Top performance in automated small parts warehouse

Short access times, optimum use of space and fast throughput – the advantages of our automated small parts warehouse (ASW) are clear.  The stacking and retrieval of goods is fully automated.

60 years of Racking and Warehouse Storage

A well-designed racking system is the backbone of your warehouse. Once installed, it must be up to the everyday challenge of dealing with loads but whats more, it also needs to be flexible enough to accommodate your requirements as they develop. Future-proof planning is therefore essential.

Your system with numerous options

Pallets and lattice boxes can be stored in different ways, depending on the space availability at your premises. Static storage is an option if you only need to move your goods for stacking, retrieval or stock transfer.

Moveable and flexible

As far as the storage of your goods is concerned, we are prepared for each of your applications and we can provide you with the right pallet racking for different warehousing and picking tasks – if necessary adapted to your individual specifications.

Optimum use of space and maximum throughput

Jungheinrich is ready for any application and can provide you with the appropriate small parts racking for any storage or order picking tasks.

Individual, needs-based and flexible

Regarding the storage of your small parts, different options are available depending on the application. Together we will find a solution for all your applications – adapted to your individual specifications.

Efficient use of space

When you need to store long loads such as bars, pipes and boards, cantilever racking is the best option. Mezzanine platforms create additional warehouse space.

Racking systems

Racking systems are much more than just steel and iron. They are the key to optimum throughput performance, provided that the racking system is designed to suit your requirements. You benefit from our vast experience and expertise as a full-range supplier for warehouse equipment.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers about warehouse racking

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