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Stage Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG
Warehouse for a major company

At Migros MVN all things run on our fork lift trucks and pallet racking systems

Migros Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG supplies the entire Migros Group with non-food and frozen products. Our fork lift trucks and rack systems ensure smooth operations in their new non-food warehouse.

Migros – the epitome of size

Migros is the largest retailer in Switzerland. Migros Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG (MVN) is one part of this group. It is the leading competence centre in the Migros Group for logistics of non-food and frozen products. Their services cover storage to assembly and picking as well as distribution. According to 2016 figures, MVN alone handled more than 2,350,000 pallets per year. The maximum goods outward per day was over 13,200 pallets in 2016. 

A warehouse that supplies the entire group

The most important link in this logistics chain is the newly-opened non-food warehouse for order picking along with replenishment storage location. It provides space for around 40,000 pallets on five levels. The requirement is: daily, comprehensive supply of all clients within the group of companies. Migros MVN was therefore searching for a provider that could offer a complete solution, and decided on us. They ordered our entire portfolio of fork lift trucks and rack systems including consultancy, planning, and assembly in the warehouse. They also requested our after sales service for servicing and maintenance.

The key to throughput

The new rack system consists entirely of our pallet racks. The clients are impressed with the quality, safety, universal usage options, and experience. Our pallet racks have been proven in numerous applications over 30 years. As Euro pallets with an overhang, they carry a pallet load of 1,000 kilograms. Their statics correspond to European standards for pallet racks EN 15512. They also satisfy all applicable EN standards in other areas. Our specialists erected 600 tons of steel racks in the MVN warehouse. They make a perfectly co-ordinated ensemble with our modern fork lift trucks.

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