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Stage Blei-Säure-Batterien
24, 48 and 80 volts for any application

Lead-acid batteries

In 24, 48 and 80 V design from light to heavy applications.

Our lead-acid batteries are available in standard models for easy and heavy-duty operations as well as with extended maintenance intervals for light and moderate tasks. You benefit from high efficiency at low prices. 

Robust battery technology for maximum performance and reliability as well as high energy density – our sealed standard lead-acid batteries in 24, 48 and 80 volts are the perfect choice for easy to heavy-duty operations. For best performance we rely on liquid electrolyte and the tested tubular plates technology. Due to the electrolyte-density of the pole terminals, the batteries remain long-term sealed, while being easy to service thanks to fully insulated bolt-on type poles and cell connectors. 

Optional features increase efficiency

Electrolyte circulation is optional: Air pumped into the battery throroughly mixes the battery acid. This poses the advantage that batteries can be recharged faster. And due to low water consumption, maintenance requirements are reduced. In addition, the optional centralized water filling system Aquamatik enhances the efficiency of the batteries. 

Lead-acid battery with extended maintenance intervals 

Lead-acid batteries with extended maintenance intervals for light and moderate operations are available as 24, 48 and 80 volts versions. Optimized sheet alloys reduce water consumption, allowing for up to 120 cycles (charge/discharge) without water refills. The optional electrolyte circulation and Aquamatik also contribute to this effect. 

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