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Forklift trucks

Forklift trucks – efficient all-rounders

Our forklift trucks are perfect all-rounders that can be used in virtually any warehouse. Be it as a compact electric model or equipped with a powerful combustion engine – you simply cannot go wrong with one our efficient counterbalance trucks.

The right forklift truck for all requirements

Are you looking for a product that combines powerful performance with high cost-effectiveness? Our forklift trucks offer both in abundance. They are also extremely manoeuvrable and transport your goods with the utmost reliability both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to their high capacity, our counterbalance trucks can easily handle very heavy loads weighing up to nine tons.

Counterbalance trucks: Electric or combustion power

Our range of trucks includes electric models and forklifts equipped with combustion engines. The optimum truck for your needs depends on the specific requirements in your warehouse.

In narrow-aisle warehouses, the compact construction of our electric counterbalanced trucks will deliver the best performance. Thanks to the innovative 3-phase AC technology, they also offer impressive handling and throughput performance combined with minimal maintenance costs. At the same time, the regenerative braking delivers an additional energy boost, allowing the trucks to complete even more work on a single battery charge.

Our diesel and LPG trucks, on the other hand, represent robust and reliable powerhouses. They offer capacities ranging from 1.6 to five tons and are characterised by their outstanding efficiency. Our counterbalance trucks are also very quiet and ergonomic in use. If your warehouse activities involve frequent changes in direction, you should opt for a truck with hydrostatic drive. Long distances, on the other hand, are better covered with a hydrodynamic transmission.

Powerful performance in narrow-aisle warehouses

Maximise your throughput in narrow aisles with our electric forklift trucks. They are not only extremely agile, but also feature innovative 3-phase AC motors that combine impressive performance with minimal consumption.

Powerful performance throughout the entire shift

Diesel-powered forklifts stand out with their powerful engines. These low-noise forklift trucks work best outdoors and can easily handle uneven surfaces.


There are two LPG forklift truck drive versions: hydrodynamic drives and hydrostatic drives. They can be used indoors due to lower pollutant emissions.

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