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Stage WLAN-Infrastruktur

System components

  • Real-time connection to the warehouse via radio data terminals.
  • High-quality Wi-Fi components from Extreme Networks.
  • High availability due to intelligent forwarding.
  • Complete planning and integration by Jungheinrich.
  • Professional measuring technology for planning and analysis.


Thanks to our high-availability and high-performance Wi-Fi infrastructure, your employees can access the data of the warehouse management or ERP system directly in the warehouse – and with free mobility in all areas with Wi-Fi access. To plan the required number and position of wireless access points, we create a simulation based on your warehouse layout, which already takes into account the attenuation of the Wi-Fi signal by the warehouse structures. Even in areas where logistics and production are difficult, we can assist you with the installation of a functional Wi-Fi infrastructure. During installation, we rely on high-quality, industrial-grade Wi-Fi components that we configure according to your wishes. Optionally, the performance of the environment can be optimised and documented via a system and performance analysis.


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