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Innovation at Jungheinrich

We employ vision, creativity and expertise to help you on your way to optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your warehouse. Keep benefiting from our pioneering innovations within warehouse logistics, material flow, automation and energy systems. 

  • Pioneer of lithium-ion technology
  • Innovative ideas for optimised material flow
  • Continuous development within automation
  • Future-oriented and sustainable company strategy

How you can benefit from our innovations

What does innovation mean to Jungheinrich?

Christian Erlach
Christian Erlach
Member of the Board of Directors, Marketing and Sales

"For us, innovation is creating something new and improving on what we already have. The ability to identify trends early on and make implementations is a key part of our DNA. It's what makes us a pioneer setting a course towards the future."

What is the hallmark of innovation at Jungheinrich?

To be able to keep delivering unique innovations and solutions to our customers, we foster a vibrant culture of innovation within our company. Whether it's an automated warehouse concept, a sustainable product solution or smart software, we work with you to shape the future of intralogistics.

Current projects


Carbon neutral footprint up to delivery, 20% more pallet movements per hour and up to 30 centimetres shorter. A new era of lithium-ion trucks.

Jungheinrich's innovative capability

  • 70 years of expertise in electromobility
  • Pioneer of lithium-ion technology
  • Tailored automation solutions for every warehouse requirement
  • Future-oriented joint ventures within green technologies
  • Ongoing research to unlock new logistics concepts

Our milestones

We are happy to help you with your innovation project.

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