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Reference Erfurter Teigwaren
New logistics for 100.000 tons of pasta per year.

Smart automation solutions to serve one of the world´s most favourite dish.

Production never stands still in the warehouse of Erfurter Teigwaren GmbH, which is operated by Maintrans Logistics GmbH. A combination of Automated Guided Vehicles and a semi-automatic compact warehouse with UPS shuttles ensure that all the noodles always reach the table on time.


  • Automation and digitalisation of processes as a main objective.
  • Creation of efficient and space-saving warehouse logistics.
  • Improve process reliability for recurring routine procedures. 
  • Increasing efficiency in the warehouse despite limited space.


  • Finished goods warehouse with two Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) of type EKS 215a.
  • Semi-automatic compact warehouse with shuttle system for automated pallet transport up to 14 metres high.
  • Independently moving Under Pallet Carrier (UPC) for efficient storage and retrieval of pallets.
  • Jungheinrich logistics interface and warehouse management system for reliable warehouse management.


  • Increased efficiency due to combined manual and automated processes.
  • Maximum warehouse utilization thanks to the semi-automated shuttle compact warehouse.
  • Relief of employees through the use of an automated transport system.
  • Trustful collaboration between Erfurter Teigwaren, Maintrans and Jungheinrich.

Maintrans Logistics GmbH in a nutshell:

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