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Service and support you can trust, time after time

Whatever the challenge, we’ll always be by your side.

Come what may – You can rely on the Jungheinrich service team. Whatever the situation or challenge you and your business may be facing right now, we’ll always be there for you.

Our leading intralogistics solutions set the standards in our industry and the same quality and innovation is reflected in our total commitment to customer support. Our team of experts from Jungheinrich Service are there for you around the clock, in all situations.

Challenges we all face right now

Even though intralogistics processes are becoming ever more complex and challenging, there is one fixed constant you can always rely on: The strength of Jungheinrich’s customer service, support and spare parts logistics team. We get actively involved, preventing potential problems before they occur. Our tailored services, safety and training solutions, as well as the global provision of original spare parts, ensure that your operation maintains a consistently high level of safety and availability.

We have proved resilient in the face of the current pandemic and remain ready to assist our customers, taking all the necessary precautions that the situation demands. Our commitment to you is absolute, so wherever you are and whatever the time of day or night, we’ll be there for you. The Jungheinrich service & support team are always ready and our premium service, support and spare parts ensure your ability to act and deliver, 24/7. 

You take care of your business – we take care of the rest.

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Making downtime a thing of the past.

Jungheinrich Services cover a range of repair and maintenance packages and is geared to keep you operating 24/7, whether you own a large fleet of trucks and logistics equipment or have one forklift that you rely on from day to day.

When there is a problem, our experienced team of engineers are always there to provide expert knowledge and hands-on trouble shooting to rectify any fault quickly, all whilst observing social distancing from yourself and your staff. All our technicians are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and hygiene wipes and can therefore work safely as normal. Because of the continual presence of our service technicians throughout the crisis, Jungheinrich was declared as system relevant with our customers and will continue to be so far into the future.

Service packages

Our modular service portfolio lets you decide which services we handle for you. You can choose from a range of tiered maintenance packages or full service packages that offer even more support. 

Our comprehensive support packages can include the below service items:

Forklift repair service
Safety service
Maintenance service
Hydraulic oil service
Battery service
Charger service
Tyre service

Service benefits at a glance:

•    Continual availability and high level of fleet safety.
•    Planning security and cost transparency through fixed monthly payments.
•    Wide range of contract options.
•    Individual maintenance planning for your fleet.
•    Close co-operation based on partnership.

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Your material handling equipment is vital to your business and Jungheinrich are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum uptime.

Rapid solutions are essential when anything goes wrong and we have personnel ready to take urgent action.

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Spare Parts.

365 days a year, our employees do everything they can to supply you quickly and reliably with original Jungheinrich spare parts, all over the world.

We have spare part warehouses located across the globe to ensure that our original spare parts always reach you as quickly as possible, even when borders are closed as has been the case during the current pandemic. Within Europe, we also offer overnight delivery. The Jungheinrich spare parts are taken directly to our service engineers during the night, so they are already with you the following morning. We ensure our comprehensive stocks of over 100,000 original spare parts are available for well over ten years to keep your forklifts moving.

Jungheinrich Parts Online allows you to comfortably order any spare part you wish, easily, round the clock and wherever you are. Just one click and the spare part you need is on its way to you. Our online spare parts service is always accessible and allows you to find and order a vast range of parts and consumables. You may want to replace a worn part or you may have a requirement to retro-fit a truck with new technology or add an accessory. Whatever you need we are always there for you, and with 98% availability your order will be on its way to you within 24 hours.

To minimise downtime it is vital that original Jungheinrich spare parts are used. Our original spare parts meet the high performance requirements of our machines and help prevent accidents which can result from using non OEM parts.

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Jungheinrich Service, Support and Spare parts – there for you!

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