After Sales

Manufacturer's expertise

In addition to first-rate fork lift trucks, Jungheinrich also provides first-rate customer service for your vehicles. We offer a variety of services, all of which can be flexibly adapted to suit your individual needs and ensure the safety of your investment. Benefit from the manufacturer’s expertise using, for example, our full-service agreements or individually customised maintenance intervals.

Full service

We tailor our full-service offer to your needs and offer you complete safety with regard to your investment using fixed costs.

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Minimise the downtime of your trucks: Our extensive service network and our expert technicians make this possible.

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Regular care and maintenance maximises the availability of your trucks. Our service offers planning reliability using individual maintenance intervals.

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Safety service

Of course we will guide you through the labyrinth of legalese and ensure the correct truck usage according to latest legal safety regulations.

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Batteries and chargers

Enhance the life cycle and capacity of your batteries with our battery and charger inspection services.

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Oil service

Our after-sales service helps you avoid costly repairs by planning appropriate oil changes with environmentally-friendly waste disposal.

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Jungheinrich genuine spare parts

You can only guarantee your fleet’s warranty by using genuine spare parts. With overnight delivery, you can have them the following morning.

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