Radio data terminals

Are you still using paper lists? Then we have something for you: Jungheinrich truck terminals – your reliable solution for increased productivity in the warehouse.

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Basic characteristics

  • Paperless order processing
  • Robust
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Flexible application options and multiple ports
  • Best possible operability thanks to touchscreen and front keys

Paperless order processing
Jungheinrich's wireless data solutions replace the previous conventional paper lists in the warehouse, making it possible to significantly increase throughput, efficiency and quality -and reduce costs too.

Robust. Powerful. Flexible.
Our Jungheinrich truck terminals WMT 110/115 were specially developed for heavy-duty use on fork lift trucks and in logistics. They are particularly robust and powerful and are optimally equipped for simple connection to all common warehouse management systems and WLAN infrastructures. Installation is standardised for Jungheinrich trucks but is also possible on other truck types.

The variety of equipment options offered (such as; two different sizes, Bluetooth, RFID readers and various storage devices, operating systems and touchscreens) combined with the robust design for every environment, ensure that the Jungheinrich WMTs are the best choice for every application. Additionally, they offer an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Advantages in overview

  • Increased throughput
  • Increased flexibility
  • Planning, commissioning and support from a single source
  • Increased process reliability
  • More overview & transparency

Unhide advantages in detail

Advantages in detail

Increased throughput

Increase throughput, efficiency and quality while simultaneously reducing costs with paperless order processing! The Jungheinrich truck terminals receive transport orders from the Warehouse Management System (WMS) via the wireless network (WLAN) and clearly display the required information directly to the employees on the screen in the truck in real time.

Increased process reliability

Immediate feedback to the WMS via the logging of bar codes or confirmations via the touch screen. Each work step can be checked and corrected by the WMS, thereby avoiding errors and increasing process reliability.

Increased flexibility

By transmitting data in real time direct to the truck terminal, a quick response to changed order priorities is possible at any time.

More overview & transparency

Due to the continuous order processing in the WMS you gain a better overview & more transparency.

Planning, commissioning and support from a single source

We will be happy to support you regarding the correct installation and commissioning of the trucks in your organisation.
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