Forklifts at a glance

Best Solutions for Your Individual Needs

If you need to transport goods, Jungheinrich as a manufacturer of state-of-the-art forklift trucks will happily assist you. Be it with or without high lift feature, electric or IC powered, for retail or warehouse operations, you will find the right forklift truck in our portfolio for your individual demands. We also provide you with fleet management and warehouse management software as well as genuine Jungheinrich forklift parts.

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Hydraulic forklift trucks for low lift operations or with high lift feature

Whether you have easy or heavy transport operations to tackle, whether your aisle space is limited or you are looking for cost efficient material handling equipment – check out our tried and tested electric low lift or manual lift trucks. For increased picks per hour, our order pickers are the best and ergonomic choice, while your entire intralogistics chain will run smoothly with our tow tractors. For occasional stacking processes in heights of approx. one and a half to three meters, we offer you value for money solutions with our stacker trucks, which also double as a work table. If you have to serve higher storage racks, one of our pedestrian trucks with a stacking height of up to 5,350 mm may be the right choice for you.

Jungheinrich counterbalance forklift trucks

Our counterbalance trucks with AC motor are the perfect choice for many of your demands. If you have to cover long distances, you will benefit from even more performance and power provided by our counterbalance trucks with diesel or LPG drive. We have 20 different models of motorization with or without forklift battery in our portfolio.

Aiming high with our reach trucks

Let us quickly explain the reach mast technology, our very own invention: The mast including the fork is pushed forward to grab the load outside the wheel arms. Subsequently, the mast is pulled back, so the load can be transported within the vehicle’s frame. This increases the truck’s stability and reduces the necessity of counterbalance weight. Which of our reach trucks is the best choice for your needs? With our hydraulic trucks you may reach up to 13 meters – with superior stability. The serial picking capacity of our high rack stackers reaches up to 16,030 meters. Even higher? We will find a solution for you.

Buy forklift trucks or leasing?

Our Jungheinrich direct marketing enables you to purchase new state-of-the-art forklift trucks at your convenience. For best quality at a reasonable price take a look at our Jungheinrich JungSTARs – completely refurbished preowned forklift trucks made in Germany. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of financial services from purchase or rental to leasing or rent-to-own. Our financial services team will find the best solution for your individual needs.

Jungheinrich pallet trucks

EJE 220/225/230/235

Electric pedestrian trucks

Jungheinrich low lift trucks provide the perfect solution for every transport distance. Whether it is for short distances solely with pedestrian mode, medium distances with combined pedestrian/rider operation or for long distances with rider operation. Capacities of 1,600 to 3,500 kg offer cost-effective solutions for every application.

Overview of electric pedestrian trucks

EJC 216

Electric pedestrian stackers

Jungheinrich electric stacker trucks provide the perfect solution for every transport distance and lift height. Whether it is for short distances solely with pedestrian mode, medium distances with combined pedestrian/rider operation or for long distances with rider operation. Capacities of 1,600 to 3,000 kg and lift heights up to 5,350 mm offer cost-effective solutions for every application.

Overview of electric pedestrian stackers

AM 22

Hand pallet trucks/stackers

The numerous models of Jungheinrich hand pallet trucks offer cost-effective solutions for every application. Whether it is simply a hand pallet truck with a 2,200kg capacity, a scissor lift pallet truck or a galvanised part or fully stainless steel model that is required.

Overview of hand pallet trucks/stackers

Electric forklift (counterbalance trucks)

Market leading energy efficiency coupled with class leading productivity.

Overview of counterbalanced fork lift trucks

Diesel forklift / LPG forklift (counterbalance trucks)

Move from 1-9 tonnes by gas counterbalance (LPG) or diesel counterbalance trucks.

Overview of engine counterbalance trucks

Reach trucks

Store loads in racking up to 13m high with europes leading reach truck.

Overview reach trucks

Order pickers

Jungheinrich order pickers are the ergonomic way to maximising your picks per hour.

Overview of order pickers

Tow tractors

Jungheinrich tow tractors provide transport solutions for the entire intralogistics chain.

Overview of tow tractors


Our trailers guarantee the flexible, cost-effective transportation of loads with a capacity of up to 1000 kg per trailer.

Overview of trailer

High rack stackers (VNA)

The EKX, EFX and ETX series are Jungheinrich's solutions for all high rack segments for all picking heights.

Overview of high rack stackers

Shuttle / Pallet Carrier

Carriers travelling independently in the racking channel.

Overview of shuttles / pallet carriers

Special builds

Special applications require special fork lift trucks.

Overview of special builds

Batteries and accessories

We offer the right batteries and chargers for your pallet trucks, stackers and order pickers.

Overview of batteries and accessories 


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