Climate protection factor

Trucks and CO2 footprint

Energy-efficient intralogistics products are making a contribution to climate protection. Technological advances to reduce CO2 emissions are becoming a competitive factor.

Drive systems

We must reduce our CO2 output worldwide. We must transport our goods and materials as efficiently as possible. What technologies will be available for this in the future? Where we stand in terms of CO2 output, rising energy costs and technological feasibility.

Emission levels

Here we describe which technology can be used where.


Distance and time

How far can we advance with each drive technology - and for how long?


Cost effects

Simply making one purchase will not be enough. What cost effects should be anticipated?


Safety and trust

Our systems are safe. We are setting standards in lithium-ion technology.



How important are various technologies? We explain some important terms.



There is no one solution for drive systems that covers all applications.


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