Dresden plant

Industrial refurbishment of used fork lift trucks

It of course goes without saying that we want to offer you our customary quality also for our used equipment, the so-called Jungheinrich JungSTARs. This is why we opened our own factory in Klipphausen near Dresden in 2006 for the industrial refurbishment of used fork lift trucks: The Used Equipment Centre Dresden, a one hundred per cent subsidiary of Jungheinrich AG. At the beginning, the number of employees taking care of refurbishing the trucks was 30 and this has now increased to over 150.

Trucks are transformed here by our employees into an as new condition in line with our 4-star quality principle. The four stars after refurbishment stand for our promise to offer you by way of safety (first star), perfect engineering (second star) and state-of-the-art technology (third star) absolute reliability (fourth star). It is hard even for experts to tell a used truck from a new truck after this high quality refurbishment.

Storage Areas Extended

Due to increasing production numbers and the commissioning of another expansion stage on 1rst January 2008, we had to extend the storage areas of the Used Equipment Centre Dresden. A total of 19,000 square metres will be available by the end of 2015; the production area alone will then cover 13,500 square metres. For comparison: At the beginning in 2006, only just 3,500 square metres were available for production. The number of refurbished trucks increased almost seven-fold during the same time. The factory’s production volume in 2012 stood at just under 4,500 refurbished fork lift trucks.

This increase in returned trucks is not only due to the fact that today every third truck is either rented or leased. Another argument is the high quality of refurbished trucks that last but not least give a strong signal regarding sustainability and protection of the environment: Refurbishing a truck is significantly more protective of resources than new production.

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