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First-class solutions for tugger trains

First-class solutions for tugger trains

With the INDUSTRY TRAIN tugger train, Jungheinrich provides its customers with high-end engineering from the Black Forest. Neumaier specialises in providing custom-made solutions for customers.

Hamburg/Hofstetten: Innovative tugger train solutions, tailored to customers’ individual needs: providing them is the aim of the new collaboration between Jungheinrich and Neumaier. By adding the Neumaier INDUSTRY TRAIN tugger train to its portfolio, Jungheinrich, the leading global solutions provider for the intralogistics sector, will be better able to meet the increasing market demands in the tugger train segment. In the future, the company will offer efficient solutions that are specially designed to meet customer requirements.

Neumaier’s INDUSTRY TRAIN tugger train is a combination of standardised chassis components and individually designed goods carrier systems. Two different chassis types are available for indoor and outdoor deployment. The load capacity is up to 3 tonnes per goods carrier. Various goods carrier systems are available for pick-up and transport of customer load carriers, from simple C frames and E frames with adjustable fork arms to highly complex goods carrier systems for the transport of several trolleys in one goods carrier. The reason it’s special: The customer load carrier does not have to adapt to the tugger train; instead, the tugger train adapts to the load carrier and the customer’s needs.

Together with the Jungheinrich EZS electric tow tractor with up to 28 tonnes of traction, the INDUSTRY TRAIN tugger train is a high-performance intralogistics solution. All components in the tugger train are interconnected and function as one machine. High safety standards, innovative future-proof technology and a high level of customer orientation guarantee the customer a stable and safe process for internal material supply.

You can find out more about the INDUSTRY TRAIN tugger train at: www.industry-train.com

Comments on the collaboration:

Matthias Maurin, Head of Product Segment Tow Tractors at Jungheinrich AG:
“The Industry Train tugger train from Neumaier is a perfect fit for us and our philosophy. As a solutions provider we want to offer our customers the best possible solution. With Neumaier, we now have a cooperation partner who can do just that with the Industry Train tugger train.”

Bernd Neumaier, Managing Director Neumaier Industry GmbH & Co. KG:
“We’re very pleased to be cooperating with Jungheinrich. Meeting customer needs has always been at the heart of what our company does. Our internal development and construction departments along with our own sheet metal production enable us to manufacture individual solutions. With Jungheinrich, we now have a partner on our wavelength who wants to offer customers custom-made, comprehensive solutions – including in the tugger train field.

About Neumaier 

Neumaier Industry GmbH & Co. KG is an SME based in Hofstetten in the Black Forest. In addition to industrial sheet metal processing, the company specialises in the development, construction and manufacture of machines and equipment for intralogistics. Along with tugger trains, Neumaier also provides rotating drivers’ seats for forklift trucks and develops and produces comprehensive automation solutions for intralogistics.

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