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Stage Automatisches Palettenlager
Efficient small parts storage

Automated miniload warehouse

Short cycle times, direct access to all articles as well as high throughput performance and optimum space utilisation: Our automatic small parts warehouses represent an ideal storage solution for large quantities of small parts and maximum goods turnover.

Sophisticated solutions with high throughput and optimum space utilisation

Efficient small parts storage is only as good as the associated processes and resulting performance indicators. If you require short access times, high throughput, optimum space utilisation and direct access to all articles, automatic small parts warehouses provide an ideal solution for extreme space-saving storage of small parts in containers, boxes or trays. With this system, goods are stored either on angled beams or shelves – with full utilisation of the room height, which can be up to 25 metres. The capacity ranges up to 300 kilogrammes.

Different load handlers are used in automatic small parts warehouses for direct access to all articles. Rack operating equipment can achieve travel speeds up to 360 m/min and lift speeds up to 180 m/min. In automatic small parts warehouses, such equipment can easily be used in multi-shift operation (up to 24/7). Single- or multi-depth small parts storage can be used, for example, for spare part consignment and buffer storage or in distribution warehouses/centres. Automatic small parts warehouses can be operated under normal temperatures, while temperature-controlled configurations and cold stores down to -30°C are also possible.

Smart stacker crane for small parts and varied applications

Our stacker crane for automatic small parts warehouses is designed specifically for maximum throughput and efficient order picking. With its special load handlers, which are compatible with a variety of small load carriers, the automatic small parts warehouse enables quick and safe handling of articles during "goods-to-person" order fulfilment. The load handlers are designed for a wide range of load carriers and storage bay depths. They are also equipped with different gripper attachments for use in single, double or multi-depth storage facilities.

Tailored solutions for efficient storage

Our automation portfolio ranges from dynamic small parts storage, in the form of the LRK lift system and PRK carousel system, through to automatic small parts warehouses with rack operating equipment or container shuttles. The individual products can be implemented in your warehouse as stand-alone solutions are as part of a system. 
As a modular vertical lift, the LRK represents a self-contained system in which trays are stored vertically on both sides of the unit. By reading a barcode or pressing a button, the trays are automatically conveyed to the central extractor before being transported to the service opening. Thanks to its modular design, you can expand the LRK lift system at any time to suit your changing height requirements. This ensures virtually unlimited flexibility when working with different room heights. The same also applies to the carousel system. It consists of carriers and containers, which are always conveyed to the user via the shortest route. By implementing the "goods-to-person" principle, you can raise the efficiency of your warehouse by up to 65 percent.

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